Links page added

We’ve added a new page to our site for the purpose of displaying useful and relevant websites who are in the same sector as MyWallStickers. Here we will show very useful links to other sites that offer a full range of home related products and services that you might also be interested in.

There are websites that offer home decor design, decorating tips, that sell furniture, whatever, it might be of interest! Adding fabulous wall stickers to your wall is not the only great idea you;ll have this year, you need the furnishings to go with your wall art of course, and this is were our new links page comes into play.

If you own or work for a website that has similar content and or interests of MyWallStickers then we would love to hear from you. To send us your link simply email your details via the contact us page and we’ll add your link if we feel the content is similar to what we do. You then must add our link in exchange for yours, this is only fair!

We will not accept sites that offer adult material or gambling or anything else that genrally offends so please consider this when contacting us. All links must be related to wall stickers, home design, home decorating, home furnishing and or graphic design in some way, shape or form.

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