Letting Your Little Ones Decorate Their Own Bedroom

Customised children's wall stickersWhy not get creative this spring and let your children decorate their own bedroom or playroom? This doesn’t necessarily mean giving your little ones paint and wallpaper (imagine the mess?!). With our ‘create your own’ tool you can sit down with your son or daughter and let them design their very own wall sticker.

Children’s Bedroom Themes

The theme of your child’s bedroom will largely depend on where their interests lie. Unlike painting or wallpapering, our wall decals are easy to apply and remove, and leave no marks on your walls or furniture, so when your little monster grows out of the design, changing their bedroom decor is no longer a mammoth task.

Perhaps your aspiring zoo keeper can’t get enough of wild animals? Our baby pandas, elephants and zebras are great for creating your own safari adventure, whilst our ‘under the sea’ themed stickers are perfect for turning their bedroom into an aquatic scene.

Children’s Bedroom Decor

Children’s bedrooms are certainly not easy to decorate. Once your little one reaches school age, their bedroom will no longer just be a place to sleep, it will become a play zone, activity room, a place to chat with friends and a general hideaway.

With toys, arts and crafts, schoolwork, games and all the bits and bobs in between, you’ll need plenty of storage space. Decorate a series of canvas bags to store all their accessories or make a hammock to keep all their cuddly toys in. Don’t be afraid to make the most of corners and nooks, and leave plenty of floor space to let them run wild. Cabin beds are ideal as you can create a desk/storage area or store an extra bed for sleepovers.

Listen to what your little ones want, but interpret it loosely; children can change their mind in a heartbeat and you don’t want to be decorating on a weekly basis.

Personalised Children’s Wall Stickers

We have hundreds of fonts and colours to choose from, and with our customised children’s wall stickers you can choose the appropriate size to suit their bedroom. Perhaps they just want their name on their bedroom door or maybe they’d prefer their favourite nursery rhyme or song lyrics displayed above their bed?

With our Waltograph font you can give the kids’ room an exciting Disney theme, or let your little ones show off their creative side with delightful dots, dinosaurs, or stars.

Allowing your child to personalise their wardrobe doors, drawers and/or walls will give them a real sense of ownership over their bedroom and make them feel extra special.

For further information on our ‘create your own’ tool or any of our children’s wall decals get in touch with our friendly team today.