Kitchen Wall Stickers – The Ultimate Gift for Coffee Lovers

With the increasing popularity of coffee machines and stylish stainless steel kitchen appliances, we’ve created an extensive range of kitchen wall stickers to help you get the ultimate, contemporary look.

With our design-a-quote tool, you can create a wall sticker to match the text and style of your coffee machine. We’ve recently added a series of quirky coffee quotes to our range, including: “Life’s too short to drink cheap coffee” and our ‘coffee world’ wall sticker which features dozens of coffee types, from Americano to Frappuccino, giving you inspiration when you next pop the machine on.

Why not give your kitchen an Italian theme with our pasta wall sticker or add a touch of culture with wine wall stickers guaranteed to make you smile after a long hard day at the office?

Realistic kitchen signs such as – “Mum’s bistro open 24 hours” help you personalise your space and get the little ones out of your way.

Recipe wall stickers are great for displaying the ingredients to your favourite meal, dessert or cocktail, so you won’t have to constantly reach for the cookbook when you want to make your favourite dish or drink.

Although it’s a room where everyone gathers during parties, it’s difficult make your kitchen look good. Unlike other areas in the home, we can’t incorporate fancy wall paper or a dado rail, and trying to make a room look inviting when you have a washing machine and sink in the way is far from easy.

Wall stickers are an easy way to create a focal point in the kitchen and make those dreaded chores much more bearable.

Wall Sticker Gifts

Our wall graphics also make great gifts as they can be personalised with the recipient’s name and printed in their favourite colour. Each design can be easily removed without leaving any nasty marks, so you don’t have to panic when you move house or re-decorate.

For more information or to order, drop us an enquiry or give us a call today.