Kitchen and Bathroom Wall Stickers – Give Your Tile a Touch of Style

Although tiles are the best solution for many kitchen and bathroom walls, over time they can often lose their colour and begin to look extremely plain and dull. Thankfully there is now a quick and easy solution to brighten up your set of tiles. Re-tiling can be time consuming and costly, so why not give your home a new look the easy way with our stylish tile stickers?

Bathroom Tile Stickers

Bring your bathroom to life with playful dolphin tile stickers which look beautiful in one of our many shades of blue. Dolphins are a popular design choice in the bathroom as they represent harmony and freedom – perfect for helping you relax.

Our conch shell tile stickers are superb for those looking to add a real beach feel to the bathroom. Seashells have many symbolic meanings, including artistic ability, emotional stability, good fortune in relationships, happiness near water, safe return, and good luck. Complete the seaside look with our starfish and seahorse tile stickers.

Quirky duck tile stickers are great for giving any bathroom or toilet a funky look. Choose from a wide range of colours, including vibrant fuchsia or traditional sun yellow and apply the 36 stickers to any set of tiles.

All our removable, self adhesive vinyl tile stickers are non-toxic and can be wiped clean to keep your bathroom or kitchen bright and stylish for years on end. The specialist grey adhesive means your tile colour will not show through – ideal for those wanting to conceal an old fashioned design.

Kitchen Tile Stickers

Add colour to the plain old kitchen tile with our arty gerberas tile stickers. Like all our tile stickers, the floral design is laminated for extra durability and is fully waterproof to give your kitchen endless shine. Taken from some of the best tile designs on the market, our stickers are full of colour and when installed look like a brand new set of tiles.

Brighten up the kitchen dining area with our set of 36 apple stickers to give the tiles a cheery look. For something a little more traditional, our mosaic tile stickers provide a realistic look and are available in multi colour and opal green designs.

Applying your tile stickers couldn’t be easier and each set comes with a handy, easy to follow user guide. Impress your friends and family by giving any tiled area a beautiful new look.

For more information on our tile or wall stickers, contact our friendly team today.