In the spotlight – Wall Quote Stickers

You may have noticed that on our website we have several wall quote stickers available for sale. All of which are very popular and customers seem to like the fact that they’re an artistic play on words with fine lines and swooping curves that make up the sticker as a whole, a modern and cost effective way of decorating a home you could say. Our wall quotes stickers can make a very bold statement once applied to your wall or they can have a comical side to them that will be sure to make your home smile once they’ve been applied to the wall. Even your friends and family who visit will compliment your new wall art that’s for sure, especially if you have chosen to have the design cut from a contrasting colour that fits in well with your current home decor.

We design all of our wall quotes ourselves and really enjoy the process of putting together a new wall quote from scratch that firstly makes a statement and most of all actually looks good once applied to a wall!

Attractive wall quote stickers
Use wall quote stickers to brighten up your home

We like to obtain our quotes from respected sources and lists and then once we know what the new design will actually say we’ll bring up a bunch of fonts in our design software and simply have a play around with the words until we’re happy with the design and we feel it’s up the the standard to be listed as a product on our site. Sometimes designing wall quotes can take only a few minutes to several hours as we (especially me) can get a bit of designers block! The best way to overcome this block is to just get on with it. Sounds weird but sometimes the best way is to keep on going in some instances!

What about custom wall quotes?

Custom wall sticker quotes have also been created for our customers. Clients have asked us if we can produce a particular sticker for them and we’ve obliged, naturally. If you would like a custom wall sticker quote produced then give us a shout as we have a host of tools available to make you a custom design. Simply tell us what the design will say and then give us a clue as to the fonts that you like. Most of our customers like the decorative style font like in the picture above. We can also produce the sticker to any size and in any colour and we’ll always email you a picture of what the sticker would look like for your approval before we manufacture. We’ll only charge around £10 to produce a custom sticker, this allows up to around 15 minutes of design time which is usually enough time to produce a bespoke wall sticker for our customers.

We now have one of the biggest wall quote ranges available (well, we would say this!) on our website boasting well over 50 designs that have all been lovingly crafted ready to make your home just that little bit more stylish. Our wall quotes can be a load of fun to install on your own or with friends and family. We give you everything you need in order to achieve instant perfect results. Remember, if you cant see it listed within our wall stickers store just give us a call or email us and we’ll see what we can do for you!