If you’re sick of your home décor, change it!

Is there a room in your house with dated décor? If you’re completely sick of looking at the same old wallpaper or paint colour, it’s time for a change.

Not everyone has the budget to carry out a full room renovation, but there is a cheap and easy way you can completely change the look of any room in your home. The solution is wall stickers, which are:

• Easy to apply (and you don’t need DIY skills or special tools)
• Cheap to buy
• Quick to put up and remove
• Versatile – they can be used in any room of the house

Follow these quick and easy steps to refresh any room of the house:

1. Take down all pictures and wall decorations, and put sheets over the furniture and floors
2. Apply a fresh coat of paint
3. Wait for it to dry fully
4. Meanwhile, head online and order your wall stickers. There are thousands of designs, patterns and colours to choose from
5. When your walls are dry and your stickers have been delivered, follow the supplied instructions to put them up (Tip: mark out the positions you want your stickers in before applying them)
6. Put the room back the way it was
7. Stand back and admire your refreshed, revamped room