Ideas for decorating your nursery

For many expecting parents, decorating the nursery is a vital part of preparing for your new baby. It is part of a process known as ‘nesting’, where you make your home environment ready to meet your baby’s needs.

Decorating a nursery can also be very fun and very creative. There are many different ways you can decorate the space, but which do you choose? If you need some inspiration, why not consider the following ideas?

Classic white. Not only is this understated and simple style soothing and gender-neutral; you can also add to it easily later on when your baby gets older.

Wall stickers. These non-permanent wall decorations are the perfect way to liven up a room quickly, easily and cheaply. What’s more, these children’s wall stickers can be changed as often as you like so that the room is always stimulating for a young mind.

Add soft accents and highlights of colour. If you’re keen to create a stimulating, interesting environment for your child, you should add soft patterns and gentle accents of colour without making your theme too strong. Remember that new babies need soft, soothing environments.