How to use wall stickers pt.1

Generally speaking, wall stickers are easy to use, apply and remove. However, if you have never used wall stickers before, you may need a little help and advice in order to use them properly and avoid making any basic mistakes.

So, follow these tips (continued in pt.2) to apply your wall stickers:

• Avoid applying your stickers on rough surfaces or those that are over textured i.e. exposed brickwork. The stickers may not adhere properly to these surfaces, leaving you with a bumpy finish or a sticker that simply won’t stick.

• Apply your stickers to smooth, flat, even surfaces such as painted walls, wood, plastic, glass, wallpapered walls, tiled areas, plaster and metal. This is the great thing about wall stickers, that they can be applied to virtually any surface.

• Ensure the surface is clean and clear of obstructions (i.e. protruding nails) before applying your wall stickers. This will ensure a smooth, perfectly adhered finish.

• Read the instructions that come with your wall stickers before doing anything with them. These will tell you the steps you need to follow to apply your stickers to the wall, as well as how to remove them again at a later date.

See part 2 of this guide for more tips on using wall stickers.