How to make sure your wall stickers match your walls

Wall art stickers come in a vast range of different colours and styles, which gives you plenty of options to choose from. As well as giving you ideas and inspiration, however, the huge amount of wall stickers available can also make it tricky to track down a sticker in a particular tone or shade.

If you want to match your wall stickers to a particular part of your décor, you need to do the following to find exactly the right shade.

• Consider matching your paint, wall paper or other decorative material to your wall stickers. It can often be easier to buy your wall stickers and then get the exact shade of paint mixed up to match.

• Order a colour swatch before buying your wall stickers. Stickers can look different when viewed online or in a catalogue compared to how they look on your wall. Make sure you get exactly the shade you’re looking for by ordering a colour swatch first.

• Remember that your wall stickers may look different in differing light conditions. When you order your colour swatch, make sure you test it out under the lighting you will be using in the finished room.