How to get your walls ready for wall stickers

When your new wall art stickers arrive in the post, you may want to get them up on the walls right away. You need to contain your excitement for a little while longer though, as before you can put up your wall stickers, you need to get your walls ready.

To ensure that your stickers adhere smoothly and securely and look their very best, there are a few things you need to do:

1. Clean your walls. You may think your walls are spotless, but it is likely that there is a barely perceptible layer of dust or even grease (especially in the kitchen) on them. This can interfere with the adhesive on your wall stickers. Use some sugar soap or another wall cleaning product to thoroughly clean your walls.

2. Get rid of any obstructions. Even something as small as a nail end, staple, picture hook or a congealed blob of paint can prevent your wall stickers from sticking properly. Get rid of these obstructions before you put your stickers up.

3. Painted your walls recently? Wait at least two weeks before putting wall stickers up, to ensure that the walls have thoroughly dried.