How Decor Colours Affect Your Mood

Ivy wall stickers to bring the outside, insideSelecting a particular colour to decorate the rooms of your home may seem like a straight forward task. Simply choose a shade which takes your fancy and start painting or wallpapering right? Wrong. Studies have shown that colour affects the way we feel, so it’s important to use the right tone to ensure each room creates the right atmosphere for you and your family.

Colours affect people in different ways. Depending on your age, gender and personality you can choose a style of decor which reflects your likes and lifestyle, using a shade which influences your mood. For instance, in the home office people often adopt a neutral design when actually blue is the most productive colour.As the colour of the ocean, many people use blue in the bathroom, but for a relaxing bathing experience lilac is the most calming shade.  Bath lighting is a good way of creating this atmosphere along with our flower wall stickers for a delicate touch of colour.

Many modern kitchens and dining rooms are designed using the colour red as this increases appetite and energy – great for parties. However, red looks its best at night when it is intensified by the glow of a lamp. If you only really use your kitchen/dining room during the day, yellow is a much brighter option and can lift your mood as well as making a hallway or porch appear welcoming.

Deep purple shades like violet and eggplant are great for the lounge as they offer a luxurious, sophisticated feel, connoting royalty and wealth.

Believed to increase fertility, green is your best bet for the bedroom. Restful for the eyes, the shade is also refreshing, making it ideal for getting a good night’s sleep, as well as making mornings more bearable! For an exotic style apply our climbing gecko decal to your wardrobe door and add warmth with an indoor palm plant.

Fitness freaks should stick with orange as this offers excitement and enthusiasm. If you’re lucky enough to have your own gym, decorate it with an orange sports wall sticker or treat yourself to a bright set of towels.

As well as being great for little girl’s rooms, pink is perfect for warming your bedroom or bathroom and signifies romance.

Although paint can be great for making a bold statement, too much colour can make a room look cluttered and confuse the mind.  Our wall stickers are great for giving any room a delicate tone. With various designs, sizes and shades to choose from you can easily select a decal which is right for your home. Get in touch today for help with your order.