How can tile stickers be used?

When you think of wall stickers, it is likely that your mind will immediately jump to those colourful flowers, animals and butterfly stickers that you can put on the walls of your children’s rooms. Whilst wall stickers are very popularly used for this purpose, wall sticker design has now gone one step further.

There are now stickers known as tile stickers available, and these can be used in kitchens and bathrooms. You can actually use them in place of tiles, which can be messy, difficult and time consuming to put up. These wall stickers look just as good, are even easier to clean and they are able to withstand the moisture of the bathroom and the heat of the kitchen.

All you need to do to start decorating your kitchen or bathroom with these tile wall stickers is to choose a design (i.e. apples or flowers for the kitchen, conch shells or sea-green mosaics for the bathroom).

Next, you follow the instructions included in your wall sticker pack to apply the sticker to the wall, which should be clean and clear of obstruction. This usually involves using a supplied squeegee to smooth down the sticker, and then peeling off the backing tape to leave a perfect finish.