Home TV Describe Wall Stickers as an Instant Way of Livening up Your Walls

Leading UK lifestyle channel Home TV has recently praised wall stickers, describing them as an “instant way to liven up your room”.

The Home channel broadcast some of the most popular DIY, interior design and home decorating programmes, including Homes Under the Hammer, Extreme Makeover – Home Edition, Love the Place You’re In, and DIY SOS. Their website features many handy tips and articles on how to decorate and style your home with ease.

In their “Decorating with Wall Stickers” article, Home suggest using multiple wall graphics to create a unique, out of the ordinary design.  For example, a swarm of butterflies or a collection of leaves, flowers and birds. The style experts also recommend using giant art stickers to create a feature wall – incorporating black wall stickers for a sharp, sophisticated look and coloured graphics to match themes and brighten up children’s bedrooms.

Why not take Home’s advice and “get yourself a low maintenance pet” with one of our many animal wall graphics? A pod of dolphins will add a beautiful touch to your bathroom, whilst our wild giraffes, elephants, zebras and lions are great for bringing a touch of Africa to any living area. Cat lovers will adore our “playful cats” sticker which brings walls to life, or if you’re more of a dog person, why not adopt our Scottie dog – great for guarding the front door or adding a fun touch to any kitchen, bedroom or lounge.

If you’re thinking of decorating your home, “try using smaller stickers to create a border around the room”. Leaf and petal sets are perfect for creating your own DIY border and tile stickers are a fun and easy way of brightening up a kitchen or bathroom.

All our wall stickers come in a wide range of colours, including fuchsia and baby pink (great for adding a girly touch to the bedroom) and subtle ivory, beige and basalt grey tones. If you decide to re-decorate, all graphics can be easily removed and leave no stains or glue marks.

If you’re looking for a particular image or quote, why not take advantage of our custom design tool where you can create and personalise your very own wall sticker? With a wide selection of font and colour options available, this is ideal for adding that extra special touch.

As Home point out “you don’t have stop at the walls” – why not give your windows a decorative touch with our new etched effect glass stickers? As well as bringing style to any room, these are great for adding privacy. Choose from a wide variety of designs, including traditional, ornate flowers and funky palm trees.For more information on how to decorate your home with wall stickers, contact our expert team and liven up your home today.