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I’m sure you’re al noticing that the summer evenings are slowly drawing in and with winter just about to show it’s face we thought we’d provide you with a few tips for decorating your home this winter and giving it a personal touch thanks to My Wall Stickers.

Nothing quite beats returning home after a long day straight into a cozy living room. Some fortunate people have a fireplace while some have warm woolen rugs but the question we’re asking; is your current decor ready for the upcoming winter? Some of the rooms in your hose my be more winterized than others. A few minimal and low cost touches here and there can make all the difference and really make your home ready for the cold and dark winter season and we’re not even talking about expensive indoor heating!

Decorating your home this winter is more of a simple process than you may believe. It can be as easy as choosing the right fabrics or getting your interior colour scheme correct. A well decorated home can easily make your forget the appalling weather outside and make you appreciate your home even more. Below are some simple tips to warm up your home interior without spending much money or time at all.

Rearrange your furniture. Such a simple and cost effective way of changing your homes appearance and can be accomplished with ease in a few moments. A method of creating warmth and cosiness is to move your furniture closer together. Such intimate furniture arrangements certainly make a room look more inviting and in turn create a bigger space for ongoing conversation. The best method it to arrange the furniture in a circle so that the furniture faces each other. If you have a good sized living area another warming method is to place oriental rugs and the like under the furniture which helps define the living space and will add a warm glow to the room.

Use layer arrangements. One of the first things we do in winter time is to add more layers of clothing to help keep out the cold. Have you ever considered this within your home? You can easily add extra layers to your seating such as throws, table cloths can be layered and bed covers to name but a few. Topper fabrics are available cheaply on most high streets and can make a real difference to your rooms outlook and create that warm feeling without the cost of mounting heating bills and when using as bed covers and throws you can benefit from the extra warmth by wrapping yourself in while watching the TV! Another really quick layer tip is to use multi colour towels in the bathroom, simply put one on top of the other, a great way to save space too!

Save the planet. Natural green elements have and always will be associated with warmth and sunshine, these are the things that we miss so much during the cold and dark winter months. A good way to compensate for this is to use “green” or “natural” decor within your home. Floor rugs made from wool and natural fibres, wooden furniture, indoor plants and small stone sculptures are some modern and popular examples of bringing the natural world into our home. Indoor house plants are also good for utilising unused space within your home, this can also be achieved on a low budget.

Below is an example of a natural rug made from 100% Jute complemented by a wooden floor:

(Image courtesy of www.modern-rugs.co.uk)

natural rugs for home decoration
A rug made from natural materials

The use of candles. Candles always present a timeless feel wherever they are situated. Not only do they look chic and stylish but they also provide extra light and a little heating at no extra cost to you and can be purchased in many outlets for very little money. Instead of turning on your light or bedroom lamp why don’t you light a few candles instead? Doing so would create conversation straight away and if you used scented candles this would attract conversation even more so. Candles are also an excellent way to decorate tables or window sills which in turn create their own light  feature within the room. For larger rooms the best position for candles is along the walls and on shelves as this evens out the lighting within the room.

Use soft fabrics. Another top tip this winter is to fill your room with soft fabrics, thick, rich materials will instantly lift the rooms appearance and give it a much warmer feel. Great materials for this are wool, fleece and even velvet. These materials are some of the most popular winter fabrics, all of which make excellent  throw blankets and covers to be used around your home. Modern area floor rugs are an excellent choice as they are generally manufactured thick and use a high quality pile, this is what you should look out for when choosing your floor rug(s) this winter. As per the image of the Jute rug above and cotton are rugs, these types are perfect for your home this winter as they are 100% natural, warm, great to look at and are generally priced fairly.

Choose inviting colours. The choice of warm and inviting colours for your home decor this winter are vital. Did you know the use of warm colours can provide much more of a warm visual appearance as well as enhance the heating effect around your home when used with some of the suggestions listed above? Always choose dominant colours, these colours should be in the red to yellow spectrum. Warm colours are mostly strong colours and they need to be evenly distributed around your home making sure that you balance the colours well.

Dress your walls. Not everybody wants to paint their walls and some may just be looking for a simple cost effective quick fix to decorate their walls with. Use wall stickers for this application as you’ll be able to find may designs within our store, mostly exclusive to us. You can quickly add interest to a plain wall with the help of a wall sticker from My Wall Stickers and be sure to have your design cut from a complimentary colour. As mentioned above using warm colours to decorate your home with this winter will work in tandem with your new wall stickers. Dark colours that we offer for our wall decals such as chocolate and matt black as well as our burgundy will work really well with your winter home decoration scheme.

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