Get the best from your wall stickers with these simple rules

Wall stickers are a fantastic and very easy way to transform your home décor, but you need to know to apply them properly. Follow these simple rules to avoid any DIY disasters…

Rule #1: Position stickers properly before applying

Once you’ve started to stick your wall stickers to the wall stickers, you can’t take them off to reposition them. To get it right first time, practice positioning your wall stickers before applying them, using a pencil to mark out where they will go on the wall.

Rule #2: Get rid of any air bubbles

Nothing looks worse in freshly applied wall stickers than air bubbles. You can easily remove this during the application process by using the squeegee that should come with your stickers. Apply pressure with this and you should be able to get a smooth, bubble-free finish.

Rule #3: Make sure the wall surface is clean and obstruction-free

This sounds obvious, but you should give the wall a clean with some sugar water or other cleaning substance before applying wall stickers to the surface. This will get rid of any dust or grit that could spoil the appearance of your wall stickers. Also, watch out for uneven paint or wallpaper, as well as nails and staples obtruding from the wall.