Full colour stickers added

Today we’ve broken the mould a little as we’ve started to add some of our full colour wall stickers for kids onto the website. These vibrant stickers are completely re-movable and reusable so they’re great for customising your little one’s room or any part of your house that needs a little bit of colour.

Our full colour wall stickers are made of an Eco-friendly strictly non-toxic material so they are 100% safe all round although we wouldn’t want to eat one if you get our drift! Fitting our full colour wall stickers is as easy as all our other great products available on our website, you simply peel and stick straight from the sheet, it couldn’t be more simple. Just make sure you’ve cleaned the install area, in most cases this is a painted wall. Clean well using soapy water, making sure you’ve removed any dirt or grease and once dry you’ll be good to proceed in installing your new wall sticker from My Wall Stickers.

We laminate all of our full colour wall stickers so that they will not scratch at all,  you can even wipe them clean as they are completely waterproof and won’t fade in sunlight or distort thanks to the very high quality materials that we use during the process of manufacture.

Eagle-eyed bloggers may have just noticed that I mentioned our full colour wall stickers will not fade in sunlight. You can apply your wall stickers outside if you wanted to, perhaps on your car or any other smooth object, the shed wall? Cutting to the chase you can use our full colour wall stickers indoors or outdoors, the lifespan of our stickers indoors is around 8 to 10 years, outdoors this is 3 to 5 years due to UV resistance and the glorious UK weather! Even so this is a good timescale for you to enjoy your wall art and by the time you think of replacing your vinyl wall sticker we’ll probably have another great wall sticker design for you to purchase on our ever increasing product inventory online.

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