Film and TV stickers added today

Calling all film buffs! We’ve added a few Film and TV wall sticker designs to the site today and we must admit they’re looking pretty hot! Here at My Wall Stickers we do try to include many different wall sticker designs within our online catalog as we want to be able to supply truly amazing wall stickers to the masses and keep all tastes covered, this is at the heart of My Wall Stickers.

Today we’ve added all time classic film and TV wall sticker designs such as Akfred Hitchcock, The Terminator, Robocop, Marylin Monroe to name but a few. Our film and TV wall stickers are available in a wide range of colours and sizes to allow for a perfect custom finish on your wall.

We wanted to upload our facinating film and TV wall stickers as soon as we could but as ever for My Wall Stickers we are perfectionists and it can literaly take half a day just to add 15 stickers to the site! We’re sure that the film and TV stickers will be a big hit amongst all the film buffs out there!

So grab yourself a wall sticker from our site, your favourite film, some popcorn and your ready to go!

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