Easy and cheap bedroom decorating tips pt.1

Decorating any room can be an expensive and time-consuming business. However, bedrooms can be particularly costly to renovate, because they are rooms which need to be highly comfortable, relaxing and aesthetically pleasing.

There are a few easy ways that you can breathe new life into your bedroom décor, without having to spend all your savings. For example, you can try:

Change the knobs and handles on your wardrobes, drawers and cupboards
Without having to go to the great expense of buying new cabinets and cupboards, you can change the whole look of the room by simply replacing the knobs. They are cheap to buy, you can fit them yourself, and they could help you get a polished, designer look in your bedroom.

Instead of expensive artwork, add wall art stickers
Many decorative wall stickers are such good quality and go on so smoothly that they look like they have been painted on by an expert painter. You can find them in a range of styles, from contemporary to retro to traditional.

See part 2 of this guide for more cheap and easy tips for revamping a tired old bedroom.