Don’t Move, Improve!

With the housing market being such a volatile place at the moment we found a very interesting article which really makes you think when you read it. It confirms the fact that a lot of people are choosing to stay in their existing home rather then move to another location.  When you think about it, it does make complete sense as you can obviously save money and a lot of hassle. Now this could be where we step in here at My Wall Stickers as we specialise in products (sticky products that is) that can transform your home for only a few pounds. Anyway, enough of the sales talk, lets find for definite why people are choosing to stay longer in their home rather than move to another location.

Homebase displays reports of a 25% growth of home decorating products last month compared to this time last year. While some other DIY stores boast even bigger growth percentages in sales of home decorating items at this time of year. Funny when you think that we’re a month away from Christmas, you’d think that everybody would be purchasing Christmas decorations instead of paint and paint brushes! The DIY market is worth 8.5 billion in 2011 as projected by Synovate Retail with a further increase of 5% in the first 6 months of the year. Fewer of us are taking overseas holidays nowadays and many have decided to stay at home and get those decorating jobs done that have been looming for months or even longer!

don't move, decorate!
people are not moving home

Mr Mark Waddy, the director of MTW Research states the DIY resellers are now in the process of including a bigger and improved range of home decoration products (this is where our wall stickers come in) paying particular attention toward products catered for the female market. So the word of the month is…..

‘if you can’t move, improve!’

So with many people deciding to improve their home, adding the new products that have now entered the market will actually make their home more desirable to be sold so the process really works hand in hand. When the time comes around again and the housing market is more buoyant there will be an abundance of freshly decorated homes for the picking! Well that’s one way to look at it anyway! Recent reports also state that there’s been a massive decline in the Polish builders with more people taking the plunge and doing it themselves, the trend being to grow your own, cook your own and paint you own. This really does make perfect sense as the money you can save during the process s really significant. We’ve posted a few articles a on this blog showing how you can decorate on a tight budget so take a look at our older posts.

Featured DIY’er Mary Smith from the Midlands is now in the process of completely gutting her 15 year old bathroom in favour of a new design and fittings. She claims that previously she used to call upon the local builder to assist but now she plans to do it all herself as in her mind every pound counts, we’re with her 100%!