Decorating Your Child’s Bedroom on a Budget

Cute owl wall stickers - perfect for a child's bedroomAre your little ones slowly starting to grow out of their bedroom design? Perhaps you want to create more space or just brighten up their room ready for spring. Re-decorating doesn’t have to be costly, and with Easter weekend just around the corner, there couldn’t be a better time to treat your cheeky monkeys.

Step 1 – Choose Your Theme:

This will of course largely depend on age and gender, but try and pick a style that will suit your child for a few years. Children’s likes change on a regular basis; they might be into Peppa Pig now, but chances are they’ll be fans of a new TV show a few months down the line.

Try to select a design which reflects your child’s personality. Maybe your son or daughter just can’t get enough of animals? Create a cute and inviting woodland bedroom and incorporate a Goldilocks and the Three Bears theme with wicker baskets to store toys and traditional wooden furniture, which you can create yourself or find some used pieces online or from your local charity shop.

Whether your little one likes baby wild animals they’ve seen at the zoo or reptiles they’ve seen on TV, we have dozens of animal wall stickers to choose from. Incorporate one of our height chart stickers to monitor your child’s growth and create a peaceful calming glow for bedtime with a nightlight.

Step 2 – Create More Space

Children’s bedrooms are generally smaller than our own, so you’ll want to maximise the space and leave them plenty of room to play, keeping your downstairs area a little quieter!

Bunk beds are great if you have two children sharing a bedroom or your child often has friends over to stay. Cabin beds are also excellent space savers as you can store clothes and toys or create a place to do homework or a play area under the bed. As well as a ladder, why not add a slide to make getting up for school fun and exciting?

Under bed storage boxes are also great for storing books, school work, board games and toys, whilst hammocks are great for getting all those teddies out of the way, but within easy reach for bedtime.

Step 3 – Get Decorating

Once you’ve chosen your design, it’s time to get to work. Save time and money by painting just one wall or rather than wallpapering, add a border.

Our children’s wall stickers are great for taking the mess and stress out of decorating. We have dozens of designs to choose from, so whether you choose to create a space theme for your little astronaut or fairytale castle for your little princess, you’re sure to find the right sticker in our extensive range.

When your child grows out of the design, all stickers can be easily removed and leave no marks.

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