Decorate your Windows with Etch Stickers

A new product line to our online catalogue is our frosted etch window stickers. These great looking, self adhesive, decorative vinyl designs can be added to any glass in your home for an instant appealing look. The transfers look like they’ve been hand etched onto the glass and create a subtle modern feel.

The film that is used to create our etched motifs is designed specifically to decorate windows and is so easy to apply you’ll surprise yourself. The material benefits from a bubble free technology that works by adding small veins or channels in the adhesive that helps the air escape during application. Any air bubbles that are apparent after installation can be literally pushed out with your finger. Using this type of vinyl material is a pleasure to work with, making even large stickers a breeze to apply.

Designs in the frosted etch category currently consist of traditional artwork that should work in harmony with any surrounding. Our Koi Carp etched sticker is very decorative and adds a feeling of Zen and peace. We have also added flowers and petals to the category as we feel they work really well when created from the etched effect film.

When fitting your etched window decal, making sure the glass is clean and free from contaminates is a must, as the adhesive bond between the film and the glass may be affected. As mentioned the material benefits from air bubble free technology and the sticker is always fitted on the inside of any glass. When producing the window decal we mirror the image so the transfer can be viewed form the outside.

Another added benefit of our etched effect window transfers is that they can add privacy to your home, as once installed on your glass they give a semi transparent look. This is perfect for those that require a bit more privacy in their home with popular use on front doors and bathroom windows.