Custom Wall Stickers for Home or Business

We often get asked if we can supply custom wall stickers or alter the existing designs within our catalogue. The short answer is yes! We can offer far more than is displayed on our off-the-peg transfer range and we’re always happy to help in providing custom or personalised decals to home owners and business owners alike.

custom personalised wall stickersWe have a wide variety of vinyl sticker making equipment in our well stocked workshop in Norfolk, and good relationships with Royal Mail and local couriers to ensure that all bespoke orders are sent quickly and delivered in a timely and efficient manner.

Operating some of the very latest digital printing and vinyl cutting machines available, we can easily produce small or large wall decals in any colour, shape or size with no minimum order.

Custom Wall Stickers for Home
As most homes have a particular unique decoration theme that is dictated by the tastes of the owner, we’re aware that we have to cater for a broad range of designs that cover many themes in different areas of the house, from the kitchen, hallway, living room, bedroom and beyond. While our ready-made stickers may be perfect for some, we’re always happy to offer something a bit more bespoke for anybody that needs it.

Family oriented quotes are very popular, as well as designs that make a bold statement upon first entering the home. The joy of our personalised stickers is that the customer receives exactly what they need, in the colour, size, shape and style that, for many, started off as an idea. Quite often, we’re able to turn a thought into reality and with a full plethora of sign making equipment available to us we’d be mad not to!

From basic lettering to personalise your kitchen to floral patterns to spruce up a bedroom. Why not give us a call if you have a design in mind that you’d like turned into a piece of unique wall art? If you have your own artwork we can work from that too. We work with Corel and Adobe files, JPEG and PDF so we can often manufacture straight from your design files. For a design to be made completely from scratch we usually charge a small fee just to cover our screen time.

Custom Wall Stickers for Business
From cafes to garages, offices and beyond we’ve been making custom vinyl transfers since the launch of our website back in 2010. We most often get asked for recreating a company logo and making a physical decal out of the design which can be added to a reception area or conference room or any plain wall that is required to have the brand image stamped on it. Even if you need some simple lettering to be placed above a door or on a window we can provide a solution to suit your requirements, just ask.

From small custom wall decals to very large murals that cover a whole wall we have the expertise to turn a vision into a reality. A benefit of our vinyl graphics is that anybody can install them thanks to the premium hard wearing quality vinyl that they’re made from. Being able to get a perfect result first time is so important for our customers and it’s what we pride ourselves on, here at My Wall Stickers.

No colours, sizes or designs are off limit! Over the years we’ve assisted many businesses in decorating their premises with their brand as a wall sticker. We have first hand experience at dealing with customers on a professional level and make the whole process of ordering simple. We can either design from scratch for a small fee, or more often than not, print from your pre-existing artwork. We accept high-resolution JPEG, PDF’s or vector .ai or .eps files.

We can print onto various self-adhesive materials such as our digital matt or gloss vinyl. We can then contour cut your design and finish with a protective laminate to make your sticker not only look amazing but be durable as well.

If you’d like to take advantage of our personalised creative design service then why not contact us by either sending us an email with your thoughts, or by dropping us a line on 01692 402423. We’ll happily assist you in getting that perfect piece of vinyl art that you can be proud of, no matter if it’s for business or personal enjoyment.