Creative uses of wall stickers in your home

Wall art stickers come in such a wide range of different designs, there is something to suit every home and all tastes. You can use subtle decorative wall stickers to add a touch of elegance to your décor, or you can be a bit more creative with the way you use them.

The following are a few ideas on how you can get creative with wall stickers:

In a nursery or children’s playroom – use a combination of educational wall stickers (i.e. letters, numbers, spelling and counting stickers) and designs featuring cartoon characters, sports, animals and other fun images to decorate the walls. Get your kids involved, making the process of putting up your wall stickers a creative and fun family activity

Choose a favourite quote, song lyric, motto or saying, and get it turned into a personalised wall sticker for your home

Pop a large chalkboard wall sticker up in your kitchen, so you can leave fun messages for the family and write up recipes and shopping lists

Use wall art stickers in places other than the walls. As long as you check the suitability of the stickers with the manufacturer, you should be able to place them on glass surfaces, the side of bath tubs and on furniture.