Creating Your Very Own Home Cinema

Marilyn Monroe wall stickerEver fancied turning a room into a home cinema? We all try and turn our lounge into a room for relaxing, socialising, partying, watching movies and more. While multi rooms can be great for making the most of your space, settling down to watch a movie cinema-style can be very difficult, particularly for those with large families.

Why not renovate the attic, basement or guest room to create your very own relaxation room? Those lucky enough to have two lounges can easily upgrade existing gadgets and alter the lighting for a real cinematic feel. The second living room can then be kept as a playroom for the children or somewhere to catch up with friends over a coffee.


Sometimes referred to as a ‘media room’, home cinemas are great for watching sport, movies and programmes. With hundreds of televisions on the market, finding the technology to suit your budget is easier than ever.

Projector screens are ideal for wide-screen viewing. Mounted on your wall or ceiling, they can be easily rolled away either manually or electronically when not in use.

Surround sound is must for any good cinema experience and there are loads of systems available to suit the size of the room and your budget.

Wall lights and blackout blinds will create a cosy feel and make watching movies in the day much more enjoyable.


As well as gadgets and gizmos, decorating your cinema room is equally as important for creating the right atmosphere.

Make guests feel like they’re at a Hollywood premier with our film wall stickers featuring the likes of Charlie Chaplin with apt clapper board, Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart and Marilyn Monroe.

On the other hand you may want to venture down the musical route. One Direction fans can go “crazy, crazy, crazy” for our realistic wall sticker of all five boys, whilst “Beliebers” will love our Justin Bieber decal.

Michael Jackson wall art is great for getting the party started and too cool for school Jimi Hendrix will complete a chilled out tone.

All our wall decals are available in a wide range of colours, so you can go back in time with a black and white movie feel or brighten up any dark areas with fabulous fuchsia and twinkly metallic gold.


Now that you’ve more or less created and decorated your cinema room, you can begin treating yourself to some fun extras like a mini bar, popcorn stand, bubblegum machine or event arcade games.

Create your own house rules for the room with our ‘create your own’ tool and ensure guests keep their mobile phones switched off and don’t ask any questions throughout the film like “which one is he again?” or “what happens next?”.

For more information on our wall stickers, give our friendly team a call today.