Create your very own stylish bar area

In the current economic climate, more and more people are choosing to invite their friends around to theirs on a Saturday night rather than go out and hit the town, and holding a private party in the comfort of your own home can be just as much fun as heading down to the local nightclub.

If you love holding your own cocktail nights, why not make these nights even more fun by creating your own stylish bar area?

Creating a bar area in your kitchen is a lot easier than you might think- all you need is a little free kitchen table top space and a little bit of creativity.

Once you’ve settled on the location of your bar area, you then need to think about decorating it- and kitchen wall stickers are brilliant for this.

Kitchen wall stickers are a really affordable way of creating a super
stylish bar, and you’ll see that there are plenty of designs for you to choose from- including wine glass graphics and text stickers featuring the names of the most popular cocktails around.

Save your money and socialise in style by transforming part of your kitchen into a beautiful bar.