Colour ideas for a relaxing living room

The ideal living room is one that is warm, welcoming, comfortable and relaxing. It needs to be a space that the whole family, and any guests that come to visit, want to spend time in. This is why it is important to get the décor in the living room just right.

Here are some tips on colour schemes to help you decorate your dream living room:

• Opt for lighter colours that reflect the light and make the space seem brighter, more spacious and more open
• Warm up whites and creams (which can look a little clinical) with some colourful, complimentary wall stickers and plenty of soft, colourful fabrics
• Avoid overly bright wall colours like vivid yellows and greens – these can give you a headache and they don’t make for a relaxing space
• Colours such as peach, pale oranges, beiges, creams and golds are warm, welcoming and cheering
• If you want to inject some colour into a neutral coloured space, why not add a feature wall? Keep the rest of the décor neutral and make this wall more colourful than the rest or decorate it with wall art stickers.