Chocolate and Matt Black are looking good!

We’re not sure what it is but this month but around 80% of the wall stickers leaving the studio are being cut from our high quality chocolate and matt black colour. Now, we’ve been doing a little digging in and around the home decoration community and apparently this really is the in colour at the moment particularly these colours are very complementary to a lot of home decor techniques, carpet colours, wall paint, blinds and more.

Choosing the colours for your wall stickers is your choice (obviously) but we always advise to choose a colour that will complement your home layout and decoration. For example if your home is decorated to a style that are pastels and light or dark modest colours then choose a dark colour for your wall stickers and nothing too bright, i.e. if you have your walls painted in magnolia it’s not advisable to go for a yellow or green sticker.  Then again, if you think it’s cool then go for it, it’s your home!

See the picture below for a good example of how to choose a contrasting colour for your wall decals.

Choose colours that will work well in your home
Choosing a contrasting colour for your wall sticker

As you can see from the image above select a colour for your wall sticker design that is complementary to your home’s decor and surroundings.
Getting back to the point of this post, perhaps this is why the majority of our wall sticker orders this month have been cut from our chocolate brown vinyl or our matt black vinyl, to be honest either one of these colours would be the one we’d choose in our homes!
Other vinyl colours for our wall stickers that have proven to be very popular recently is our ivory beige and violet vinyl. The ivory beige vinyl is almost cream like and very suitable for darkly decorated walls etc.

Colours for wall stickers really are of personal preference so if you’re ever unsure about what colour to choose simply send us an email or call and we’ll offer our advise on what colour to choose for your wall stickers and wall decals.

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