Check out the food and drink stickers!

Just a very quick note to mention that we’ve started to add the food and drink wall stickers to the websites today. Not only do these amazing wall stickers remind you on how to make a perfect cocktail or cook a new dish they’re also quite good looking to thanks to the artistic fonts that we use during the design process.

The Perfect Pancake wall sticker
The Perfect Pancake wall sticker

We’ll be adding quite a lot of the family favorites in this section of the site ranging from modern dishes that you often wonder what the ingredients are right through to the popular cocktails and more. I bet you’ve often asked yourself what the ingredients might be to a dish or drink that you fancy, well look though our site at the food and drink wall stickers and you might just surprise yourself!

Our food and drink wall stickers are fully waterproof and wipe-able. They’ll stick to any smooth and clean surface you want them to and thanks to the high quality vinyl that we use during the manufacture of the sticker it’ll look good and impress for many a year. You can remove your wall sticker at any time during it’s lifespan leaving no mess or marks on the surface, just follow the instructions supplied with every order. Oh, forgot to mention that with every order you’ll receive a vinyl squeegee and full plain English instructions for super easy installation.

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