Chalkboard wall stickers present a world of opportunities

There are many different kinds of wall stickers you can get for your home, from children’s wall stickers for use in nurseries and kid’s bedrooms to sophisticated wall art stickers for the kitchen, living room and dining room.

However, one of the most versatile kinds is chalkboard wall stickers. What makes these stickers so exciting is that they are interactive, meaning that you and the other members of your family can write and draw on them with chalks.

You can do virtually anything with chalkboard wall stickers. For example, you can:

• Write yourself shopping lists and to do lists in the kitchen
• Leave messages for other members of the family
• Use chalkboard wall stickers in children’s rooms, so that your little ones can draw, write and play on them
• Use them in cafes, coffee shops and restaurants to let customers know of the daily specials

Important tip when buying chalkboard wall stickers:

Make sure you check that the particular stickers you are buying are suitable to be written and drawn on, and find out which chalks or markers you are supposed to be using. You should also check that you can remove chalk marks, so that you re-use your stickers.