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Street art wall stickers courtesy of Banksy

Banksy wall art stickers have really hit home (no pun intended) in recent months as our design studio has replicated digitally many of the world famous Banksy designs into vinyl wall stickers that you can apply to your walls for a bit of instant appeal.

For those that aren’t aware Banksy is a popular street artist that is well known for applying his political tongue-in-cheek style graffiti stencil art to iconic buildings throughout the world. He uses a large home made stencil that is in-filled with spray paint in turn applied to plain wall usually during the nightfall to avoid unwanted attention.

We’ve added many of the trendy Banksy designs to the website including:

– Maid Sweeping
– Balloon Girl
– Toxic Rat
– Stick ’em up Panda

Now we realise that our Banksy stickers aren’t everybody’s cup of tea but if you take a look at some of the designs on offer you’ll soon realise that they are all quite funky and actually have a hidden agenda about them that gets your mind thinking.

Many of our Banky transfers are available in much larger sizes when compared to our other wall stickers. We’ve created the designs to be larger as this is how they’re portrayed in real life on the side of buildings. They’re meant to be big and bold and that’s how we feel they should be appreciated in your home running alongside your existing home decoration themes.

On another note this category of vinyl art is best appreciated as a silhouette on your wall so we advise that you choose a colour such as our matt black or basalt grey so the transfer can be appreciated better on your wall.

How to create a focal point in a newly decorated room

If you read any home decorating magazine or website, you will usually see advice telling you of the importance of creating a focal point when redecorating a room.

In short, this refers to a feature in the room which draws the eye as soon as a person walks into the room. This will help you to plan the rest of the room décor and layout around the focal point, to come up with a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing design. Focal points also help to give a room character and depth.

Examples of focal points include:

• Fireplaces
• TV sets and entertainment systems
• Large plants, sculptures and water features
• Wall art

Some of these more traditional focal points can be expensive to achieve, but there is a way you can create a focal point in a room far more cheaply and easily. Wall art stickers make ideal focal points, especially large designs which immediately catch the eye.

The best way to use wall stickers to create a focal point is to keep the rest of the décor neutral, so that the sticker stands out. Choose a large decorative design and place it in a prominent position in the room, ensuring there is plenty of space around it so the design can create maximum impact.

Wake up to your favourite song lyrics with customisable wall stickers

Have you ever wished that there was a way to make your décor more personal and more individual to you? There are countless options to choose from in terms of paint, wallpaper and other decorative materials and features, but these usually come in standard designs that everybody can buy.

Customising your own décor is now possible thanks to wall art stickers, which can be customised to your own tastes at a reasonable cost. One of the most popular ways people like to customise their wall stickers is by creating a design featuring their favourite song lyrics.

One of the best uses for this kind of wall sticker is in the bedroom. If there is a song lyric that really speaks to you, which fills you with happiness or inspires you, wouldn’t it be nice to wake up and see it each morning before you start the day? Well, now you can.

Simply choose a favourite song lyric of any length, although shorter phrases are cheaper and easier to get made up, and choose a wall sticker website which offers the option of designing your own stickers. Send in the lyric with a request for your favourite fonts and colours, wait for your sticker to be made up and then put it up opposite your bed. Then, you can see it every morning, the moment you open your eyes.