Beating the Post Christmas Blues by Brightening up Your Home

Well it’s done and dusted for another year, time to take down the tree and put the tinsel back in its box for another 11 months.

Throughout January, many of us are often left feeling a little deflated and down in the dumps.  Not only have you got to face going back to work after a nice festive break, you’ve also got to tighten those purse strings after splashing out on too many presents and try and get rid of the extra pounds you gained after the humongous turkey dinner. All this combined with an empty social calendar is enough to make you feel like packing yourself away with the Christmas decorations!

Luckily, there are plenty of easy techniques to help lift your spirits.

Get Planning: Got some New Year’s resolutions or want to set a schedule of all the essential tasks you intend to complete? Making a checklist will keep you focused, meaning you’ll most likely forget all about the lack of cheesy festive songs and sugar coated treats. Ticking or crossing off each task you complete will make you feel like you’ve really accomplished something, preparing you for the months ahead.

Get Active: The last thing you’ll want to do during the dreary January weather is hit the gym. But forcing yourself to ‘get up and go’ will actually make you feel a whole lot better. Why not try a different form of exercise? Go to a yoga class and make new friends or take up dancing to impress your family at the next big birthday party. Exercising is not only a great way to quickly shift those Christmas pounds, it also releases mood boosting endorphins to make you feel great inside.

Get Creative: Forget spring cleaning and organising paperwork, why not really give your home a new look? These days re-decorating doesn’t always mean having to fork out hundreds of pounds on paint and wallpaper. With wall, tile and glass stickers you can get creative and give your home a personal touch. Our stickers can be placed on any smooth or flat surface, so you can brighten up every inch of your home from the kitchen cupboards, to the toilet seat! Each design is available in a wide range of colours, and with our handy create a quote tool, customising your wall sticker is easy.

For more information on how to brighten up your home the easy way this January, contact our style experts today.