Be Inspired and Get Active This Spring

Bring out your sporty side with a football wall stickerWith the arrival of Lent and the glorious spring weather, many of us will have given up treats and are attempting to get fit ready for the warmer months ahead.

As many of us now have busy schedules, finding the time to get active is no easy task and with the weather still on the chilly side, all most of us want to do when leaving work is curl up by the fire.

Here we’ve put together some great tips to give you a real motivational boost.

  • Do something fun: Start getting active by doing something you enjoy: it could be a simple task like gardening or walking the dog to help you get some fresh air. Although this may not burn as many calories as a strenuous workout, it’ll get you on the right track and get you ready for the tougher exercises.
  • Get a friend to help out: Join the gym or take up a new sport or exercise class with a friend. As well as being a great way to keep in touch, you will keep each other motivated, reminding one another of the goal ahead. Joining a yoga, pilates or dance class is also a great way to meet new people.
  • Clean out the fridge: Have a good clear out and get rid of all your unhealthy snacks. Eating more healthily and cooking homemade meals will also give you more energy and inspire you to get active.

  • Get the right mindset: Like any goal, in order to be successful you need to convince yourself that this is what you really want. Exercising doesn’t necessarily have to be for weight loss – working out can help you get a better night’s sleep, relieve stress and give you an all round healthier lifestyle.
  • Watching Sports: Unfortunately we haven’t come up with some miraculous system where you can lose weight by simply watching the telly! However, research has shown that watching and becoming interested in a new sport will encourage you to give it a go yourself.

Sports Wall Stickers

Our wide selection of sporty wall decals are perfect for helping you get off the sofa. Whether you’re an avid Formula 1 fan or just want to brighten up your home with a funky skateboarder, active wall stickers are the ideal solution.

Check out our football wall stickers. Great for little sporting wannabes, our decals are available in various colours, so you can select a shade which matches your team’s kit.

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Made from quality materials, each realistic design can be applied to any smooth or flat surface. Jazz up the garage with a motorbike racer or practice your swing (if you have space!) in the kitchen with our lifelike golfer.

Extreme wakeboarders, BMX riders and break dancers are great for teenagers’ bedrooms, whilst our trapeze artist will encourage you to improve your flexibility.

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