Bathroom Wall Stickers, relax in style

Of all the great areas in your home using decorative wall stickers in the bathroom is often overlooked. Some of our clients have asked us on a pre-sales basis if our wall stickers can be used here as they’re concerned about the  condensation and other unique elements this room creates making it different from all of the other areas in the home.

The truth is, our wall decals are perfectly suited in the bathroom and we’ve a great range of designs you can use to style this part of your home. The material we use to manufacture all of our graphics with works well under the most severe of environmental elements and as long as the transfer has a good clean bond to the surface it will last and look good for many years to come.

Also being 100% waterproof using our stickers in areas that are prone to getting wet is not a problem. You can simply wipe the sticker dry without the worry of the design lifting at the edges or peeling away. A typical example of this would be sticking a design to a transparent shower door or a tiled splash area above a bath.

Popular decals to install in your bathroom could be anything that visually takes your eye within our collection but we’ve actually tailored a few specific designs that you may find enticing such as our ‘bathe‘ or ‘bath time‘ wall quotes. You can choose to have your design cut your favourite colour or choose a colour that is contrasting to the rest of your home furniture, fittings and decoration theme.

When creating bathroom wall stickers we always like to choose a selection of great descriptive adjectives such as relax, bathe, soak, serene, and many more. We carefully choose anecdotic words and visually striking fonts so you can simply enjoy your time spent in this room, perhaps after a long hard day at work for example!