Advice on using wall stickers after redecorating

Wall art stickers offer homeowners a cheap, easy and aesthetically pleasing way to decorate their homes. They are available in a huge range of designs, so colours, patterns and styles can be found to match all types of décor.

Many people choose to shop for wall stickers when redecorating their homes. Some even wait to find wall stickers in the exact shades and styles they are looking for before ordering their paint or wallpaper, so that everything will match perfectly.

If you plan to put up wall stickers after painting or wallpapering your walls, there is a crucial piece of information you need to know. In order to protect your walls and to ensure that wall stickers adhere properly to the application surface, you should wait around two weeks after painting your walls before putting them up.

If you don’t wait this amount of time to put your stickers up, you could find that they fall down before too long. There is also the danger that when you eventually take your stickers down, a layer of paint will come off with them. Wall stickers generally come off cleanly, but if the paint is even slightly wet when you put them up, the finish of the paint could be damaged.