Add a Touch of Feng Shui to Your Home with Wall Stickers

The art of Feng Shui, which translates to ‘wind and water’, was developed over 3000 years ago in ancient China when it was believed the land’s energy could either make or break a kingdom. Derived from the philosophy of Taoism, many believe that arranging and decorating your home in a certain manner will assure good health and fortune.

One of the easiest ways to get started with Feng Shui is to incorporate the right colours throughout your home. Start by looking at the art’s main five elements:

  • Wood – brown, green
  • Fire – red, yellow, orange, pink and purple
  • Earth – light yellows and browns
  • Metal – Grey
  • Water – Blue


North east and south west facing rooms are said to benefit from a good amount of fire energy. You can complement this with candles, fireplaces, vases and other ornaments, or even better, why not Feng Shui your walls?  Our decals come in a variety of colours, including sun yellow, strawberry red, orange, baby pink and fuchsia, so you can easily express the fire element in a strong or subtle way.

Feng Shui wall stickersMetal elements are believed to add precision and efficiency to the home. Metal vases, ornaments and sculptures are great for this. Alternatively, you can use grey, metallic and white colours to decorate your home. Our silver metallic shade is perfect for giving your home a touch a metal Feng Shui, simply select your favourite wall sticker design, place your order and wait for your good luck decal to arrive.

As one of the main Feng Shui elements, earth is often used in the centre of the home. When used in the right areas (Eastern baqua) green tones will improve health and balance family life. Add plants to your home for a real earthy, wood feel. In our flower wall sticker range, you’ll find dozens of beautiful designs, including willow, Japanese Sakura trees, bamboo, and autumn leaves – ideal for adding a touch of nature.

Water encompasses spirituality and emotions bringing inspiration, wisdom and insightfulness to the home. Deep blues, blacks and reflective surfaces like mirrors and gazing balls will help to achieve this. The bathroom is a good place to incorporate the water element, and with our tile wall stickers, peaceful koi, and Zen stones, getting the right look is easy.

Bring balance to your home and your life by decorating with all five elements. For more information, or help with ordering, get in touch with our friendly team today.