Add a touch of class to a plain wall with black and white wall stickers

If you are a fan of simple, minimalist décor, you will love the effect produced by putting up black and white wall stickers on plain white walls. It makes a real statement, leaving your walls looking classy, elegant and even quite sophisticated.

So, if you have plain white walls that need livening up, consider a few of these great monochrome wall sticker ideas:

Film, TV and music wall stickers

Have a favourite film or TV star, or maybe a favourite singer? Don’t put a poster up – go for the more mature, stylish approach of putting up a black and white wall sticker. Some of the best TV and film wall stickers even come with quotes, such as an Audrey Hepburn ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ sticker with a quote from the classic film.

Kitchen motifs

You can add a touch of cool café style to your kitchen with a bold black and white teacup motif, or even a cheery ‘Bon Appetit’ sign over the kitchen counter. For fans of minimalism, a black knives and forks symbol against a white background can be a real winner.

There are countless stylish ways you can use black and white stickers, and plenty of designs to choose from. Start getting creative today!