Add a decorative touch to white walls with wall stickers

Many flats and houses these days are decorated in a very minimalist style, to allow the new occupants to put their own stamp on the décor. The problem is that it can be really hard work to redecorate a room, as well as expensive.

There is actually a very simple way that you can liven up the plain white walls in your home, but without the need for pots of paint, brushes and extensive DIY skills. You can use wall art stickers, which are simple to apply but make a surprisingly big difference to the look and the feel of a room.

All you need to do is:

• Choose your wall stickers
• Make sure the wall surface is clean, even and clear of obstructions (i.e. picture hooks and uneven paint or wallpaper)
• Follow the supplied instructions to apply the sticker
• Wait for the adhesive to dry

If you ever want to change the design, in a few months or years, you’ll be happy to know that wall stickers will let you do it just as easily. Most wall art stickers are removable, so you can take them down and replace them with new designs when it takes your fancy.