A little bit of Feng Shui to improve your health!

We’re not only renowned for our unique wall stickers and wall decals we also offer sound and well sourced advice on how to improve your homes decor and well being. We’ve managed to find an article from a popular author (Linda Binns) for maintaining a healthy body within the home.

It’s not only regular exercise and diet that are key to our health, our homes, gardens and offices can really play a large part in maintaining a healthy body and mind too! This is where the ancient practice of Feng Shui come into practice. The term itself means “the art of placement” and links all of your physical environment to all of the important parts of your life.

Energy called “Chi” travels around your home, garden and office and impacts many things including your prosperity, career, relationships and even your health. Good Feng Shui concentrates on targeted areas of your environment to harmonise the flow of positive energy that in turn relates to the various aspects of our busy lives.

The first step is to simply look around and focus on the health area of your home to which you can often relate to a particular health issue that you or a family member may be experiencing.

The section you should be paying attention to in your house that relates to health is the middle of the far left portion of your home that is evident if you stand at the front looking at the face of the house. Once you’ve located this area there are a few little tweaks you can apply to encourage the positive Chi to flow more smoothly thus resulting in better health for the homes occupants.

feng shui in the home
Promote good Feng Shui in the home

A simple and quick step in improving your homes Feng Shui is to get rid of any broken items paying close attention to the health area. Items that no longer work in the manner they’re supposed to for example a broken clock or table can in turn create health problems. Believe it or not using the broken table as a reference could be parallel to a back health problem, even more so if the table is located within the health area.

Using the broken table as an example as it is made of wood; wood is an element that is closely associated with health. To create harmony within the home the best colour choices are blue and green. Using these colours and hues throughout your decor theme can be very beneficial, try it, what do you have to loose?

Recommended techniques are to place healthy, live plants on stands, tables and shelves that are 100% wood. Bringing together wooden items with greenery is a tried and tested technique of positive Feng Shui. Another popular technique is to decorate your health area with pictures and items that represent good health within themselves. This can and will vary from person to person because everybody represents good health with different themes. Whatever works for you in a positive way will be beneficial.

A word of caution is to make immediate use of any unused exercise equipment. Equipment that is unused could do more harm than good. If your exercise equipment is not being used this could result on an energy drain, so use it or loose it!

As a general rule of Feng Shui within the home take into account that everything is connected to one another. Areas may impact your health without you being aware so pay close attention to other areas in your home such as high ceilings, a front entrance which is directly opposite a rear entrance, a bathroom entrance or stairway located at the center of the house or stairs opposite a front door, all will tend to generate energy drains that will inevitably result in energy drains for the whole household. How is this fixed we ask? To fix any of the problems listed above the solution is to hang a crystal in the problem area as doing this will create and circulate additional positive Chi. Visit Shamans Crystals where you can purchase such crystals.

On another note it is important to take into account electromagnetic fields that are in excess within your home. A lot of homes and offices are vastly effected by these EMF fields as generally more and more these days there are a lot more electrical items around. one of the biggest contenders are electrical alarm clocks in our bedrooms. These can be big health hazards as they emit EMF’s to a degree that could lead to insomnia. A good idea to overcome this is to get yourself a wind-up clock. This may seem like a bit far fetch but give it a try, you could get a better nights sleep. So as a general rule-of-thumb try to eliminate the amount of exposure to electrical items.

As were currently talking about the bedroom and insomnia related issues some common causes can be there are too many mirrors in the bedroom and colours that are too bright instead of natural and calming tones. Items with pointed corners can creative “energy arrows” and items stored under the bed can create stagnant negative energy which your body will store, not good.

Well as you can clearly see from reading the above there’s a few things you can do within the home to create a better well-being for you and your homes occupants. Why not see if you make a difference and carry forward some of the techniques as described above?