A better alternative to paint or wallpaper

Wall stickers are a much better and cheaper alternative to paint and or themed wall paper. Our wall stickers can be applied without any mess and in a lot less time than any other form of decorating. With our home wall stickers at My Wall Stickers you should be able to find that perfect wall sticker design that already fits in with your current home decor.

Our online shop features many different wall sticker designs from flower wall stickers, fun wall stickers, kids wall stickers to name but a few. All of our wall sticker designs are exclusive to us and you won’t find them anywhere else for sale and that’s a fact so you know your design will be kind of unique.

We have many different colours for you to choose your wall stickers in, chocolate, matt black, white, silver, gold all of which look great and will last up to 10 years indoors! We use a very high quality vinyl when we make our wall stickers so you’ll get the best look possible on your wall with minimal fuss and most of all cost.

When applying your wall stickers you’ll be thankful that there’s no mess like when you paint or hang wall paper and if you wish to remove your wall stickers at any time in the future this can be done with ease using a little heat from a hair dryer or heat gun. Simply warm the wall sticker and then gently peel from the wall. You’ll never even be able to tell that the wall sticker was there!

So our question is why bother with wall paper or paint when you can get a much better and custom look at a fraction of the price and a fraction of the mess, this is why our customers choose My Wall Stickers for all of their home wall stickers and wall decals.

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