6 months later…

Well it’s been 6 months believe it or not since we launched our site and this blog and it’s been constant work to put it lightly! We love what we do here at My Wall Stickers but at certain points our faith has been tested but we’ve strive on, we love it really! We couldn’t believe it ourselves when we realised that we started to put together the foundations of our online store at the beginning of April this year, the time has flown by, literally. We’ve been working with stickers, designing, manufacturing and retailing graphics for 6 years but wall stickers, at least selling them online is a fairly new arm to our business and we’re still learning as this post is being typed!

From our previous experience of working with vinyl graphics and selling online we knew what it would take to sell wall stickers though an online medium, we just needed the customers and the right wall stickers and from this we felt we’d be halfway there. Anyway I’ll not bore you with the details, this post is a quick update and report detailing what’s happened from April this year, where we are now and where we aim to be in 2011.

Recently we’ve had some lovely feedback from our customers notifying us how pleased they are with their wall sticker purchase. We haven’t had many photographs yet, (we would like more!) but from the general consensus we’ve got many happy customers out there which is excellent news for us as we do try our absolute hardest to get it right. Customers have commented on how the designs we sell are unique and sold in a great range of colours and more importantly at the right price. Clients have also stated that our stickers are easier than they thought to install, again great news. So all in all good reports all round from our customers in our first 6 months of trading via our new store.

We now have in excess of 350 products within our online catalog and a customer base of over 500, not bad for a relatively new site, huh? There hasn’t really been a top selling product, all of our stickers seem popular which is good news for us and as soon as we add stickers to the site they’re often soon purchased.

Next year we aim to add or start adding full colour stickers as at the moment we’re only selling wall decals that are single colour. Don’t get me wrong, single colour stickers really are the business but we would like to bring a little colour to the site and add some full colour products that can be removed and re-used, quite a clever wall sticker idea I hear you say, well, keep checking back on the site for updates.

Our Autumn sale has proven to be popular. We’ve knocked off 30% our entire catalog, the sale was due to finish today but we’ve extended it until further notice. It won’t be available for much longer so get your order in now! We’d like to thank you for your continued support whether your a customer past or present, without you we don’t exist!