4 wall sticker ideas for each room of the house

The popularity of wall stickers has risen quite in the last few years, as people look for cheaper and easier ways to decorate their homes. As wall art stickers have become more fashionable and popular, the companies that make them have come up with more and more unique designs.

This means that there are now wall stickers to suit all rooms of the house. Let’s look at a few of the top ideas for wall stickers you can use in each of your rooms:

1. Bedroom – A romantic, decorative design is best for the master bedroom. Go for a heart-shaped ‘amour’ wall sticker in black and white and place it over the bed.

2. Kitchen – In the kitchen, the best wall sticker is one that is cooking-related and also a bit fun. In this room, a ‘bon appetit’ wall sticker, placed on a large, open wall space, will be perfect.

3. Bathroom – Wall stickers are now suitable for use in the bathroom. Choose white tile wall stickers featuring silhouetted black seahorses, and put them up on a clear bit of wall space.

4. Living room – For the living room, choose an elegant, simple and decorative design, such as an ‘autumn leaves’ wall sticker