3 tips to choosing the right living room furniture

Now you should have realised that we’re seriously into our home decorating at My Wall Stickers and we’re always willing to share and tips and tricks that may cross our path on a day to day basis. We managed to stumble across a good article commenting on how to pick the right furniture within your home and we thought it would be good to share.

The marjority of people room’s can look like the local Salvation Army collection room with very little organisation and clutter in most places, well when we work all day it isn’t easy to have everything perfect is it? I’ll be the first to admit that. With a little co-ordination we can beat the clutter and keep our living space’s free!

Firtlsy you should consider all of your furniture items as individual sets and make them separate from each other. This is where many fail, you easily make your room resemble a junk yard if things are literally spread out across the entire area.

The 3 top tips are:

1. Purchase furniture that will stand the test of time, leather is a good example, not to every-body’s taste I’d admit but try to stay away from budget furniture at all times. You really do get what you pay for, this is what we try to tactfully tell our customers regarding the quality wall stickers and decals that we sell but this is deviating from the point! Getting back to cheap furniture it’s a general rule of thumb that it will break in a few years and need replacing and the chances of your finding the same colour the furniture was in to re-match your room will be slim. This means that when you replace the broken furniture you’ll end up buying an item that will stick out like a sore thumb to put it lightly. So buying furniture that lasts a long time means that you can always add colour to this theme in the future.

2. Choose furniture in neutral colours, this includes large items like sofas, chairs and tables. Colours like brown, beige and chestnut are really easy to match when compared to brighter colours such as red or yellow for example. So keep your selection modest and toned down when it comes to the colour. Matching your furniture with accessories and wall coverings etc will be a lot easier if you only have to match to neutral themes.

3. Buy your furniture as a complete set. This may seem obvious but buying as a complete set cuts out the hard work of matching, the company you’veĀ  purchased from has done all the hard work for you. This will keep everyting uniform which is perfect for a modern home decor look. You can be as mimimal or busy as you please but keeping all of the pices from the same designer can really help in setting the scene.