Well after a few weeks of miserable weather and the hope of summer now on the horizon we decided to celebrate and add a new bird wall sticker to the collection today. Introducing the Bird Mobile art graphic, you can find it located under our animals wall stickers category along with our other fine looking stickers and decals. In creating this new modern wall transfer we decided to use some of the bird, branch and petal designs that can be founding our other wall stickers.

We wanted to produce such a design that could be added to any wall in your living area and in turn would create a bit of trendy chic look as we feel this design in particular can be enjoyed by all ages from nursery right through to adult. The size of this wall sticker is a moderate 60cm wide by 90cm in height so once applied will provide a main focal point in your room. In all there are 9 birds surrounded by hanging branches and decorative leaves that create a sense of well-being as this design can be appreciated through all the seasons throughout the year.

We do stock sticker packs of birds, leaves and branches in our DIY flower kit section of the website so you could even give this graphic an even bigger punch by adding more pieces of wall art to it thus providing a complete bespoke look on your wall.

If you would like this sticker in a different size or colour then we may be able to assist, simply drop us a message either by phone or email and we'll do our very best to help you style your home the way you want to.