Bird and flower themed wall art stickers have always proven to be popular amongst all ages thanks to the fact the designs are timeless and fit in so well with any existing décor in and around your home. They often provide an aesthetically pleasing way to add style and colour to a wall and can be easy installed straight out of the packaging. The collection bird and floral transfers on offer at My Wall Stickers vary from small to large in size and are the perfect addition to a bedroom or kitchen wall for example.

Many of our customers often choose our self adhesive wall vinyl to simply add interest to a dull area or if they feel a wall just needs an artistic touch. Thanks to the decorative intricacy of our combined bird and flower wall decals all you have to do is simply choose a colour for your new sticker that will work in harmony with the rest of the colours within your home and once installed you will be able to admire for years to come.

Taking into consideration a new addition to our catalogue, our 'Birdie Love' graphic (see left) would look great in a nursery as it would placed within a living room for example. Flower wall art can be admired by both sexes of any age group and there's no limit to the amount of creativity you can involve when combining with our other great looking designs. Many of our customers often add multiple transfers to a wall to make up a large mural that can be main focal and discussion point in a particular room or area within your home.