Now our Space Invaders wall sticker have always been a popular design on the website, so in light of this we had a great idea to offer the Invaders as a giant wall art kit that you could add to your home for a bit of a retro modern look and feel.

Since it's release way back in 1978 the Space Invaders arcade game has always been what you could call a cult 'classic' and many could describe this game as an influential part of their childhood! Why not decorate your home with this unique set of retro game stickers?

The kit consists of 9 graphics with each of the Invaders measuring a generous 25cm long by 15cm tall, so will look really cool placed on any wall in your own creative style.

The great thing about these decals is that they're supplied on one big sheet so you can simply cut out each sticker and install them wherever you please, as creatively as you want. Choose a colour that suits your existing decoration theme and you'll be admiring your new nostalgic wall art in no time!