The long awaited range of Banksy wall stickers have been added to the website today. We've literally trawled the popular portfolio of the infamous street graffiti artist Banksy and made some of his colourful artworks into a great range of high quality wall art decals for you to decorate your home with. We've noticed recently a lot of our competitors have been offering Banksy designs as part of their collection for some time and we thought we could be missing out on providing themed transfers to the dedicated followers of this legendary artist, so this is how the idea grew into offering the delights of Banksy as part of our ever increasing art sticker catalogue.

Banksy is well known for his satirical approach to modern street art which is enjoyed by many the world over with the use of his unique stencilling system. Unlike that majority of graffiti artists or taggers, Banksy developed his own way of making his mark on walls, buildings and bridges by creating a stencil which was in-filled with spray paint leaving a realistic looking art impression. The advantage he found from creating art this way was the speed at which he could do it and then leave the scene without being caught. To this day Banksy remains an anonymous artist and his true identity is only known by a select few. The fact that he can continue with this pseudonymous role has left many desperately wanting to see more and more of his work and are left wondering when and where he will make his impression on the world next.

His work has been very much in the public eye since 2005/06 where he began to apply his stencilling as mentioned above to popular structures throughout the world. This enabled his art to be easily picked up by the media and especially since the dawn of photo sharing websites his work in all it's glory can be easily viewed on-line. Although Banksy does not profit from most of his work (it is meant more of a political statement for all to see as a reflection of the current times we live) some of his artworks have been sold through exhibition for large sums of money running into thousands of dollars! Now, the fact that our home vinyl wall stickers are priced at a mere fraction than some of his works we're proud to offer many of his most famous designs for you to purchase in the form of a vinyl decal that can be added the walls in your home thus recreating his work in all it's glory.

The best way for you to style your home using our Banksy wall vinyl's would be to purchase them in our matt black film and apply to a lightly coloured wall to reap the full benefits. We've digitally re-masted his stencilled graffiti into some great looking wall art and the sizing of the designs are within proportion too, some of the biggest we've done to date!