We get asked alot of questions regarding our trendy wall stickers and we're always really happy to provide any answers that may arise. A common query asks if our wall art stickers are produced and supplied with a transparent background that in turn goes on the wall to hold the sticker together. Another common question that also gets asked is if our wall decals have any borders or white edging around them. Our wall transfers are produced either in single colour or as a printed design.

ou can easily tell the difference between the two as the printed stickers will usually have a lot of colour in them or be made up of fades in colour, this effect cannot be produced from a standard design that is made up of one colour, i.e. cut from a single coloured roll of film. Our single colour wall stickers do not have a background or any white edging for example and it's literally just the design or letters (wall quotes) that are stuck to the wall and nothing else. We think that your new piece of wall art would look rather unsightly if it had a transparent backing or an edging in a different colour so we always aim to produce them without this unflattering feature. As you can see in the picture (left) the close-up view of a wall sticker that has been installed on a wall. You can clearly see that just the letters have adhered to the wall and there's nothing else there, just the wall art sticker. The finish is also the same for our printed designs, it's just the manufacturing process is a bit different but we won't go into that now, we'll give you a brief run-down of how our stickers are created.We achieve great looking background free wall decals by firstly purchasing the 'raw' on-the-roll vinyl in the various colours available on our website. The material that actually makes your transfers is supplied as a roll of single colour film so for every colour that we sell on our website we have to have a separate roll of material for that colour. We usually purchase huge rolls with about 200 meter lengths on at a time, that's a lot of wall stickers considering the average sticker uses around 1 meter of cut film. Wall stickers are physically cut via our vinyl plotter/cutter. The vinyl rolls are loaded onto the rear of our cutting machines and then an appropriate amount of film is fed through the machine as desired depending on the size of the wall sticker being cut for example. Once the machine has enough material for it to cut the particular pattern the design is sent via our software on our computer to the cutter allowing cutting to take place. The cutter on the machine holds a very sharp tungsten carbide blade to allow for very precise cutting.

The plotter/cutter will move the vinyl material back and fourth in harmony with the cutting head whilst the blade is scoring the material until the overall design or shape had been fully cut. Once cutting has completed the material is then removed from the machine and taken over to our finishing table. Now the piece of cut vinyl is hand finished removing the excess material from round the cut/scored design to reveal just the outline of the sticker, this process is called weeding as you can see from the picture on the left the general layout of the sticker has been cut using our plotter/cutter and the unwanted pieces of the film is then removed by hand leaving just the transfer design on the backing paper. This is where a good level of attention to detail comes into play as any sections or unwanted pieces of material that are left on the backing sheet will show up on the once the sticker has been applied. It's not a major issue if a section has not been removed during the weeding process as it can be carefully taken out of the design once it's been adhered to the wall as it's been pre-cut it usually just pops out with ease.

The image on the left is for a white wall sticker that's been cut in reverse for installation onto a window. The light blue section is called the release liner or backing paper and is there to hold all of the different sections of the design in one piece ready for transferring onto the wall. The release liner is promptly discarded when the installation is complete.

The final stage once all of the unwanted material has been removed from the backing sheet is that a layer of application paper or pre-mask is added on top of the vinyl to keep all of the design elements together once the backing sheet has been discarded. This top liner paper is just like DIY masking tape and in turn protects the sticker during transit and installation as well as helping in the application process. Your squeegee tool supplied with your order will glide over the top of this paper pushing all of the air and creases out of the sticker laying down the wall graphic smoothly on your wall in turn allowing for a very professional finish.

As you can see from above it's just the wall sticker design that is adhered to your wall to create that modern look you've been waiting for. There's no unsightly background or white edging, well at least in our wall stickers anyway! Enjoy.