If you have a separate nursery room in your home you'll want to be able to style the area with subtle tones that will be pleasant to look at and a safe haven for your new born child. Most families define an area in their home that is going to be the nursery, either a spare room or bedroom that can easily be converted to be a comfortable place for your child to reside. Quite often the chosen room will start with the clearing away all of the clutter making way for decoration to take place with maybe a fresh lick of paint to brighten up the look of the room. So what can you do once all of the painting and decoration has taken place? Well, you can add a dash of creativity and colour by using our nursery vinyl wall stickers to add a splash of life to the plain surrounding walls.

To start you can choose a theme from our vast collection as we have many interesting designs for you and your family to choose from. With some of the classic favourite child's decoration themes available such as pirates, cute animals, teddy bears and safari designs to name but a few. So start with choosing a theme that works best for the room in question and then work from there. Many of our customers will choose a variety of stickers to cover a whole wall in turn creating a stunning focal point for all to see who enter. A mixture of colour and shapes will always work best when arranging the wall decals before they’re to be applied to the surface. You can use pieces of sticky tape to gently fix the motif's to the wall before actually applying them to see what will work best once they've been installed, this is called dry fitting and is clearly detailed with every sticker we send out in the post in the installation instructions.

If you would like to make the stickers in your nursery a little more personal then you can even design your very own wall quote sticker using our handy on-line designer. We added the functionality of being able to produce your own custom wall quotes in late 2011 as many of our customers we asking if they we're able to make up their own wall stickers quotes and hey presto our interactive designer was created. Personalising vinyl text for walls like this is great if you would like to include the babies name or write a few loving words of your own, making your very own vinyl quote sticker for your new born is a satisfying way to openly display your thoughts and emotions.