sun and clouds sticker setWith the kids back at school this week, now is a great time to have a small revamp within the home, especially in a child's bedroom, playroom or nursery.

Our Sun & Clouds weather sticker set is a new addition to our online collection. Sometimes the most simple designs can speak volumes. With the placement of a few stylish decals dotted around a room it's possible to alter the overall look of an area with very little effort.

We found inspiration for this particular design when a client contacted us as they were having trouble finding their perfect design within our off-the-peg collections. They needed some wall stickers to simply brighten up a room and asked if we could incorporate a weather/sun and clouds theme just to break up the overall look and feel of the area, but to also add a colourful element too.

This set of decals is produced in our self-adhesive 80 micron vinyl film that is great for jazzing up any smooth surface you feel fit, especially walls. You'll be surprised once applied how realistic the finished design is compared to a painted mural. The graphics look like they've been hand painted and the best thing about using vinyls is that they're completely removable, thanks to the low-tack non-permanent adhesive used on the rear of the material.

So if the house is a little quieter now that the kids have gone back to school, then why not surprise them when they return home with one of our colourful decals? With fitting as easy as putting a stamp on an envelope, and such amazing low cost results you'd be crazy not to!