Using abstract art in your home has been a popular decorating style for many people over the years. Being described as a visual language of form, the clever use of colour, lines and curves creates a general random graphical composition that can be used as a visual accompaniment within a home or any other building. With the modern advent of self-adhesive vinyl wall stickers the possibilities of using abstract art in the form of a wall sticker has taken the interior decoration industry by storm.

Making your living space look unique before the dawn of wall transfers was also quite a costly affair and one that often took many hours of searching around for that perfect piece. With many graphics being offered in the price range of £10 to £25 you'll find there's quite an offering to choose from and with many different categories with ranges to suit all tastes. Our new Abstract Circles sticker set is really the backbone of this news post.

This recent addition has been added to the fun section of our catalogue and is already proving to be a popular product. A great feature of this design is that there are many sections included which can be used to creatively make one large complete mural on your wall by individually placing the sized parts in different areas. This modern style abstract wall decal (see left picture) is living proof that such a simple design can create create a visual masterpiece in your home. An entire wall can be covered with ease and will be a focal and discussion point for years to come.